Lyndsey Hudgins-Davoudi- Board Treasurer

Name While In School: Lyndsey Hudgins
Pronouns: She/Her
Graduation Year: 1998
Major: Theatre/Dance
Current Town of Residence: Los Angeles
Occupation: Relationship Manager
Extracurricular activities while a student at LVA: Who had the time?! LVA and shows were my LIFE!!
Hobbies & Interests: Making money! 🙂 Still Dancing and Still Singing, Vegan, Volunteering, Traveling, Spending time with fam bam (two fur babies and hubby), BRAVO (yes I said it- allows my brain to turn off), interior design
Things I’m good at: Hmm… loaded question. 🙂 I love to do a lot of things and like to get better at all things I do.
Skills that being a part of the LVA community gave me: Teamwork, Acceptance, Persistence, Competition, The respect and appreciation of being part of a family and community.