Las Vegas Academy Alumni Association Memberships

As you may or may not already know, the LVA Alumni Association has welcomed a new board to continue the great work that has begun since the Association’s inception. For more information on the new board members, click here.

Throughout 2020 and long before, alumni in our community have had a shared interest in supporting and empowering each other by sharing resources and helping make connections that can amplify each other’s messages and bring opportunities to each other’s door. Our new board members came together under a shared goal of expanding our Association’s programming and vocal support of equity in all its forms. It is with this in mind that we have restructured the LVA Alumni Association to welcome all alumni to participate in events, activities, and programming.

To recognize the dedication of alumni who understand the significance of financial support and engage in this way, the LVA Alumni Association has created a new membership tier called The Legacy Circle.

About The Legacy Circle

Our LVA Alumni Association Legacy Circle recognizes those community members who express their support through financial contributions.

  • Members of the Legacy Circle will have made a financial contribution within the last two (2) years.
  • Members of The Legacy Circle will receive:
  • Special recognition at select LVA Alumni Association events
  • Exclusive access to select LVA Alumni Association events and opportunities
  • Special invitations to provide feedback to the LVA Alumni Association
  • Free membership decal
  • 10% off LVA Alumni Association merchandise

All previous Lifetime Memberships have been grandfathered into this tier and will remain designated with this status moving forward. All Annual Memberships will be given the opportunity to recommit as usual.

We hope this change serves to demonstrate our commitment to creating a network of accessible support for alumni within our community. With greater access for all community members, we hope to establish regular programming and opportunities for creating genuine connections. 

The LVA Alumni Association Board would like to extend our gratitude for the vibrant energy of our membership and look forward to everything we’ll continue to build together.

Yours in community,

Dana James

Board President